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I’m Still Here

An extraordinary short that promises and delivers suspense and thrill throughout.


Written and directed by Justin Suttles, ‘I’m Still Here’ is an extraordinary piece of independent cinema that promises and delivers suspense and thrill throughout. Catherine Atkinson stars as Maggie, who hides in isolation fearing the apocalyptic world outside. This gripping short is set entirely in one location and in real time.

Lonely, scared and fearing the worst for her absent parents, ‘Maggie’ attempts to make radio contact for her help. It has been 109 days since normal civilization ceased to exist and 7 days since her parents left to retrieve food. Atkinson’s praiseworthy performance captivates the audience throughout – her emotional and physical delivery is simply astounding. Kate Kovach co-stars (off-screen) as Emory – a radio contact who brings Maggie comfort. Kovach’s vocal delivery equally sets the tone of the thriller.

Cinematography, sound and lighting is as cinematic as you can get. This 13-minute horror-thriller could easily be mistaken for a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster – hat’s off to Justin Suttles (Writer/Director) and his cast and crew. Narratively, the film exceeds expectations – structure and plot are commendable and works to maintain audience engagement from start to finish. Think Shorts cannot recommend this film enough. ‘I’m Still Here’ deserves to be film school case-study.

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Runtime: 13 min
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