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A one-woman short about a woman’s frustrations with her broken TV.


Written, directed and starring Victoria G, ‘Noise’ is a one-woman horror short film that centers around the characters frustration with her broken television. The short film is set entirely within one location and is filmed in black and white.

The 6-minute short deserves a nod for the sole cast/crew from Victoria G, but unfortunately the narrative fails to thrill or freight. Cinematography and sound are produced in low-budget style and the quality isn’t anything to be excited about. This short film is what you would expect from a first-time filmmaker, who’s ideas fail to grasp audience engagement.

The narrative starts as our protagonist returns home and begins to watch television. Her anxieties and confusion are heard as she speaks openly to herself. Sadly, the suspense, which has been building slowly throughout the film, leads to nothing captivating. Victoria G’s performance is a difficult watch to follow and at times it feels as if you’re watching a fly-on-the-wall documentary/vlog.

The short film doesn’t grasp interest, fails to deliver in performance and suspense and the ending doesn’t live up to its promise as a thriller/horror. ‘Noise’ is an experimental film that truly deserves applaud for the one-woman production, but a little more effort into the story concept would have made a huge difference.

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Runtime: 7 min
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