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The Bull and The Crystal

A offbeat puppet film with DIY charm.


‘The Bull and the Crystal’, created by Orr Pinely, is a short comedic puppet film that charms with its quirky uniqueness and being rough-around-the-edges. At the heart of the story is a bull, voiced by Chad Chad, on a quest to retrieve his father’s stolen crystal from a trio of sinister snakes, all voiced by Orr Pinely. The plot leads the bull to a volcano, where he hilariously negotiates with a snail for help.

Despite its billing as an animation – it’s not – the film leans heavily into live-action puppet-style presentation, featuring characters made from cardboard and artist’s fingers visibly maneuvering them. This low-budget, DIY approach gives the film a homemade joy that stands out. The production values may be weak, and the storyline might not hold up to rigorous scrutiny, but the film’s charm lies in its imperfections.

Pinely’s voice artistry is commendable, bringing an engaging energy to the characters, especially the sinister snakes. The film doesn’t take itself too seriously, embracing its amateur and experimental nature. It’s this self-awareness and lightheartedness that make it funny and enjoyable.

‘The Bull and the Crystal’ may not fit the conventional mold of short films, but its blend of comedy and creativity makes it a respectable watch. It’s a credit to how imagination and a sense of fun can triumph over limited resources.

The Bull and The Crystal Puppet Film


Runtime: 3 min

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