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Marta Bevacqua’s short film ‘Marla’ is a visual delight that effortlessly captures the essence of freedom and adventure. Featuring the captivating model Marla Fabri, the film takes us on a serene journey along a picturesque coastline. Fabri’s presence is mesmerizing; she exudes a sense of liberation and joy, making every scene she graces feel vibrant and alive.

Bevacqua’s cinematography is stunning, transforming the natural landscape into a breathtaking backdrop. The film’s lack of dialogue allows the visuals to take center stage, telling a story of merriment and connection with nature purely through imagery.

Fabri’s wardrobe is stylish yet effortlessly relaxed, making the film feel like a dreamy commercial for women’s clothing. Her outfits complement the narrative of freedom, blending comfort and elegance in a way that is both relatable and aspirational.

The editing, also by Bevacqua, is seamless and adds to the film’s dreamlike quality. Transitions flow naturally, keeping viewers engaged and immersed in the experience. The music is perfectly chosen, enhancing the emotional tone without overpowering the visuals.

‘Marla’ is a beautifully crafted piece that celebrates the joy of being at one with nature. Bevacqua’s artistic direction, paired with Fabri’s enchanting performance, results in a short film that is both visually stunning and emotionally uplifting.

Marla Short Film


Runtime: 2 min

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