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A teenage thriller with a mind-bending climax.


Kevin Cate’s latest short, a thriller written by Blake Sennett, sets the stage for a suspense-heavy, teen-centered narrative but surprises with an unexpected twist that pays off handsomely. The film kicks off with friends Lucy, Zeke, and Ty (portrayed by Roula De Miranda-Arce, Owen Correll, and Ayesha Swaich) heading to a secret rave in the woods. However, their night takes a sinister turn when they get lost and encounter a mysterious man and a young girl (played by Mike Markoff and Raizel De Miranda-Arce).

The tension escalates expertly, and what seems like a standard thriller quickly transforms into something far more unsettling and mind-blowing. The film’s climax is particularly impactful, leaving viewers both stunned and satisfied. The strength of the script is undeniable, with sharp dialogue and a bold concept that keeps you on edge.

Production values are top-notch, highlighted by exceptional cinematography from David Allen. The night-time setting is used effectively, creating an atmosphere that’s both eerie and captivating. The young cast delivers stellar performances, grounding the film with their authenticity and emotional depth.

For fans of Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’, this short film is a must-see. Cate and Sennett have crafted a short film that’s engaging, thought-provoking, and thoroughly thrilling. Highly recommended for those who crave smart, well-executed suspense.



Runtime: 5 min

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