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Information Superhighway

A visionary and speculative exploration of AI in the motor industry.


Mathew Nelson’s ‘Information Superhighway’ smashes conventional barriers in speculative storytelling, delivering a visual and intellectual treat. The film catapults viewers into a disorienting yet mesmerizing narrative, starting with a gripping vehicle collision, featuring Luke Banham. The era is intentionally ambiguous, enhancing the speculative allure of the storyline.

Structured in stages, ‘Information Superhighway’ examines the fallout of an artificial intelligence experiment in driverless cars, scrutinizing its commercial, legal, and societal ramifications. Anna Faye Hunter’s voice-over as the unreliable narrator adds layers of intrigue and complexity, compelling audiences to question the reality unfolding before them.

Nelson’s film strikes a perfect balance between experimental and engaging. It’s not overly avant-garde to alienate viewers but sufficiently innovative to maintain a fresh and bold narrative. The film’s forensic presentation and clever structure intensify its impact, keeping the audience hooked without revealing too much. The speculative nature of the story, grounded in a science fiction framework, maintains a palpable human connection, making the futuristic scenario strikingly relatable.

Ian Brander’s cinematography is simply spectacular, capturing the film’s essence with a visual grandeur rarely seen in short films. The production design transcends typical expectations, elevating the film’s aesthetic and thematic depth. ‘Information Superhighway’ is a profound commentary on technological advancement, encapsulated in a short but powerful cinematic experience. Nelson’s bold vision, combined with Hunter’s compelling narration and Brander’s visual mastery, makes this film a must-watch for those seeking a thought-provoking and visually stunning journey.

Information Superhighway


Runtime: 11 min

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