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Second Thought

Exploring the gay dating culture on Grindr, capturing the highs and lows with heartfelt storytelling.


‘Second Thought’, a short film directed by Art Bezrukavenko, Chris Stanley (StanChris), Jimmy Martin, and Kat Holm, is a poignant dive into Grindr hookup culture, exploring the highs and lows of modern gay dating. Bezrukavenko and Stanley, who also star in the film, bring to life two young men who meet in Provincetown via Grindr, share an intimate encounter, and then part ways in a relatable and heart-wrenching sequence when one blocks the other post-sex.

The narrative cleverly mirrors the unpredictability of online dating, presenting an alternative happy ending that contrasts sharply with the cold reality many experience. Bezrukavenko and Stanley deliver performances that are sweet, authentic, and refreshingly honest, capturing the essence of the dating gamble in the gay world. Their portrayals are charming and, at times, moving, reflecting both the bad and good sides of dating.

However, a flaw lies in its over-reliance on an incessant musical score, completely devoid of character dialogue or live-action audio. This artistic choice, while bold, often detracts from the narrative, making it feel more like a music video than a deeply immersive story. Dialogue or ambient sounds would have enhanced the emotional depth, pulling the audience further into the protagonists’ world.

Despite this, ‘Second Thought’ resonates strongly with its intended audience, capturing the bittersweet reality of contemporary gay dating – particularly the use of Grindr. The cinematography is sharp, and the film’s ability to elicit a strong emotional response from viewers is commendable. For its raw portrayal of gay love and the complexities of the hookup culture , ‘Second Thought’ earns its place as a significant contribution to LGBTQ+ cinema.

Second Thought Gay Short Film


Runtime: 7 min
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