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The Love Story

A heartfelt ode to the timeless love between mothers and daughters.


In Anastasiia Anikina’s short documentary ‘The Love Story’, what begins as a nostalgic dive into Irene Koopmans’ youthful romance transforms into a poignant tribute to maternal love spanning generations. The film opens with Koopmans reminiscing about her early love life, but it swiftly shifts focus to a more profound and touching narrative: her enduring love for her mother and daughter.

Anikina’s documentary is intimate and evocative, capturing the essence of motherhood with a delicate touch. Koopmans’ journey to Indonesia to scatter her mother’s ashes, accompanied by her one-year-old daughter, Amber Tjhie, who is too young to remember, becomes a centerpiece of this heartfelt story. This act of love and remembrance beautifully illustrates the bonds that tie mothers and daughters across time and space.

‘The Love Story’ excels in its brevity, delivering a powerful message without unnecessary embellishments. Anikina’s direction is both sensitive and insightful, allowing the audience to feel the deep emotions of her subjects. Koopmans’ reflections are genuine and moving, painting a vivid picture of love that endures beyond the constraints of time.

Amber Tjhie’s brief appearance adds another layer of emotional depth, symbolizing the continuity of this generational love. The film’s strength lies in its ability to connect viewers with the universal theme of familial love, making it both relatable and uplifting.

Anikina’s craftsmanship in ‘The Love Story’ deserves high praise. It’s a sweet, succinct, and heartfelt tribute to the love shared between mothers and daughters. This documentary, though short, reminds us of the timeless and unbreakable bonds that define our lives.

The Love Story Short Documentary


Runtime: 7 min

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