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A poignant solo journey through dual identity and cultural disconnection.


Binarie Balasuriya’s solo short film dives into the complexities of dual nationality and cultural disconnection. As a British-Sri Lankan, Balasuriya invites us into her world, where she yearns for a stronger bond with her Sri Lankan roots while navigating the sense of loss and isolation that comes with it.

The film’s power lies in its intimate portrayal of Balasuriya’s journey. Through a series of poetically crafted solitary shots, we see her as the lone figure on screen, her isolation a poignant metaphor for her inner turmoil. The visuals are stark yet evocative, capturing the essence of her loneliness and her search for identity. Her voice-over is equally compelling, a heartfelt narration that draws the audience into her inner world, pondering over cultural heritage, identity, and even the simple pleasures of Sri Lankan cuisine.

Balasuriya’s narrative is a delicate balance of personal reflection and universal themes, making it relatable to anyone who has ever felt torn between two worlds. Balasuriya’s voice is both vulnerable and strong, inviting viewers to reflect on their own experiences of cultural displacement and the search for self.

Despite the film’s low-budget production, its execution is impressive. The craftsmanship shines through, from the thoughtful cinematography to the seamless storytelling. This film is not just a personal catharsis for Balasuriya but a powerful piece that speaks to the broader human experience of seeking connection and understanding in a fragmented world.

Belonging Short Documentary


Runtime: 9 min

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