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Ti Amo, Mr. Nibbles

An intimate portrayal of love’s gentle nuances and heartfelt hesitations.


Govind Chandran’s ‘Ti Amo, Mr. Nibbles’ is a sweet, tender exploration of love, hesitation, and the quirks that make relationships beautifully complex. Centered around Casey (Kelsey Cooke) and Mia (Emily Kontu), the film navigates the delicacy of advancing their relationship without overwhelming the joy they share. Casey is eager to utter those weighty three words, but Mia, in her gentle wisdom, deftly steers the conversation away – not out of malice, but to preserve the precious simplicity of their bond.

This short film succeeds in it’s authentic charm. The intimacy of the bedroom setting, enhanced by Jamie Laxton’s skilled cinematography, draws the audience into the personal space of the characters, making their experiences feel incredibly relatable. The authenticity of Cooke and Kontu’s performances shines through, delivering moments that are both touching and genuinely funny.

Chandran’s script is the backbone of this narrative, providing a platform for strong character development and genuine interactions. The dialogue is crisp, natural, and peppered with humor that never feels forced. It’s a credit to Chandran’s skillful writing and directing that ‘Ti Amo, Mr. Nibbles’ resonates on such a personal level.

This film is a slice of life that many will see themselves in. It’s about the silent understandings, the unspoken fears, and the unforced joy that come with love. ‘Ti Amo, Mr. Nibbles’ is a delightful watch that leaves you with a warm smile and a sense of having witnessed something real and profoundly human.

Ti Amo, Mr. Nibbles Lesbian Short Film


Runtime: 8 min
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