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Cenere (Ashes)

A short drama about hope and loss.


Written and directed by Thisura Hewage, ‘Cenere’ (also known as Ashes) follows Ashwin – a hopeful boy waiting for the return of his soldier father from Pakistan. Thenuka Hewage stars as young Ashwin and Vidun Hewage portrays an older Aswin. The short drama film is produced entirely without dialogue.

Melancholic music threads the entire film together, which aids the emotional journey of our protagonist. Hats off to Thenuka Hewage – a rising star who delivers a captivating performance throughout. Although the narrative is fairly simple, the Writer/Director (Thisura Hewage) has captured the passing of time and the characters feelings of hope and patience perfectly. Cinematography is as expected from a low-budget short – evidently by the use of low-quality camera and sound equipment. The heart and emotional depth of the story shines over the filmmaking style and this should be applauded.

Thisura Hewage delivers a fine film that showcases the feeling of longing and innocence. The entire film is carried heavily on the shoulders of the child actor (Thenuka Hewage) – a brave, bold and praiseworthy move. The short concludes in transition – Ashwin is now older and we understand his father’s passing through scenes of bereavement. A touching low-budget short that is certain to bring a tear to your eye.

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Runtime: 7 min

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