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Deer Heaven

An animated delight that tickles your funny bone while exploring profound themes.


David Malone’s animated short ‘Deer Heaven’, brought to life by Melaniia Kaliian’s 2D animation, ventures into unexpected terrain with wit and charm. The takes place on a Father’s Day deer-hunting trip, navigating the tensions between a father and his reluctant children, who grapple with the ethical complexities of deer hunting. What unfolds is a narrative that blends humor with moral questioning.

The animation itself is a credit to craftsmanship, Kaliian embraces a vivid 2D style that showcases thoughtful composition, comedic timing and the emotional depth of the characters (portrayed by Bobby Cohoat, Kyra Radomsky, and Malone himself). The authentic voices of the case breathe life into a script that effortlessly balances lighthearted banter with moments of contemplation.

‘Deer Heaven’ is about the circle of life and the profound implications of food production in human existence. The film pulls these themes into its narrative, culminating in a twist ending that jolts and bemuses in equal measure. Malone’s creation is a mirror held up to society’s contradictions and the complexities of family dynamics, ethics, and the quirks of human behavior. It’s a short that speaks volumes, offering laughter and introspection.

Deer Heaven Short Animation Film


Runtime: 6 min
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