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Climb it Change

A powerful call to action against climate’s icy grip.


In Jan Masny’s short documentary ‘Climb it Change’, the urgency of climate change meets the steadfast spirit of mountaineering in a compelling narrative that transcends the screen. Masny, a climber deeply entrenched in his subject, intertwines breathtaking mountain vistas with the harsh realities of urban life – a visual metaphor for the stark contrast our world faces today. With greenhouse gases inching temperatures up by a mere 1%, glaciers shrink and avalanches intensify across global mountain ranges, and Masny zeroes in poignantly on the iconic French Chamonix in the Alps.

Educational yet profoundly affecting, ‘Climb it Change’ doesn’t shy away from the tough questions. Masny’s lens captures not just the environmental shifts but also the human responses – a scientist’s sobering insights from Jacques Morrey and impassioned climate protests demanding action. What sets this film apart is its intimate, personal touch – Masny’s own cinematography weaves throughout, infusing each shot with his heartfelt connection to the cause.

While maintaining a respectable production standard, Masny ensures his film resonates on a deeply personal level, a credit to his dedication and emotional investment. ‘Climb it Change’ is a call to arms, a visual manifesto demanding our attention and action. Masny deserves praise for bringing this vital issue to the forefront with such bold authenticity, leaving audiences moved and motivated to confront the challenges ahead.

Climb it Change Short Documentary Film


Runtime: 19 min

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