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Love is Real

Jamie and Millie mend their rifts in this whimsical musical comedy


Directed by Calvin Sang and co-written with Natasha Lay, ‘Love is Real’ spins a charming, albeit quirky, yarn about Jamie (Tyler Kokiri-Wilson) and Millie (Sarah Nessia), whose romantic bliss hits a snag over Millie’s seemingly elusive free time. What ensues is a delightful rollercoaster of emotions, punctuated by the unlikeliest of saviors: their home AI assistant.

The film’s genius lies in its ability to blend humor with heartfelt moments seamlessly. The awkward karaoke-style intervention by the AI is a stroke of comedic brilliance, capturing the essence of modern relationships in a tech-driven world. Kokiri-Wilson and Nessia deliver fantastic performances, oscillating between hilarity and poignant sincerity with effortless grace.

The cinematography by Stefan Coetzee shines with its polished visuals, capturing the playful essence of Jamie and Millie’s quirky world. Coetzee’s lens transforms mundane scenes into vibrant backdrops that amplify the film’s whimsical vibe.

Geoff Ong’s musical compositions infuse the film with gleeful energy, perfectly complementing its extravagant narrative. Ong’s melodies underscore pivotal moments, adding a whimsical layer that keeps the audience engaged in the film’s playful antics.

‘Love is Real’ revels in its lighthearted approach, refusing to take itself seriously as it dances through absurd scenarios. Sang and Lay’s narrative collaboration delivers a refreshing burst of fun and entertainment, promising a memorable ride through its quirky narrative.

Love is Real Short Musical Film


Runtime: 12 min
Genre: ,

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