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Breaking The Rules

Playing by the rules takes a daring turn in this visually captivating dark comedy.


In André Siebert’s 2003 short dark comedy, ‘Breaking The Rules’, viewers are invited into the meticulous life of a regimented corporate drone whose world is governed by an almost OCD-like adherence to rules. Jo Stock delivers a captivating performance as this tightly wound protagonist, whose precision and discipline are palpable. From waiting obediently for the green pedestrian light to executing his professional duties with machine-like efficiency, Stock’s portrayal commands attention, transforming mundane tasks into a fascinating character study.

The film’s narrative takes a delightful turn when Stock’s character, spellbound by a crush on his co-worker (Thea Schnering), is compelled to deviate from his rigid routine. This newfound infatuation propels him into uncharted territory where rule-breaking becomes his new modus operandi. Siebert’s storytelling shines here, using visual cues and nuanced performances to convey the protagonist’s transformation from a predictable rule-follower to an audacious risk-taker.

The 16mm cinematography enhances the film’s aesthetic, with well-framed visuals and crisp editing techniques that lend a polished finish to this darkly comedic tale. The absence of dialogue is a bold choice that pays off, showcasing Siebert’s skill in pure visual storytelling. The clever script and tight structure make the film a standout, leading to a twist ending that is as startling as it is humorous.

Stock’s strong, solid performance is the backbone of this short, making ‘Breaking The Rules’ a must-watch. It’s character-driven narrative, proves that sometimes the most compelling stories are told without a single word. Highly recommended for those who appreciate a dark comedy.

Breaking the Rules Short Dark Comedy Film


Runtime: 4 min
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