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Florence in Customer Care

An absurdly comical journey unraveling the fragile psyche of a call center worker.


Tiffany Trainer delivers a remarkable performance as the titular character in Cory Stonebrook and Jordan Sommerlad’s latest short film, ‘Florence in Customer Care’. This drama-comedy, with its pulsating intensity, delves into the life of Florence, a sensitive young woman overwhelmed by her call center job. The constant complaints and the impersonal corporate machine drive her to desperately seek her happy place.

The film masterfully balances comedy and unsettling drama. Florence’s mounting stress manifests as a skin rash, a symbol of her internal turmoil. Stonebrook’s sharp, witty writing brings to life well-rounded, intriguing characters who play essential roles in Florence’s journey of self-destruction. The dark comedy doesn’t trivialize mental health; instead, it mocks the absurdity of call-center work and customer complaints.

Sommerlad’s stellar cinematography enhances the experience, with well-framed shots that elevate the film’s quality. The poetic, metaphorical imagery of Florence’s “happy place” – the seaside, the beach, the sun – serves as a constant reminder of her elusive dream, always cut short by harsh reality.

Florence’s struggle is both comical and heartbreaking, exploring themes of mental health, fragility, and anxiety. The film’s relatability and authenticity make it an entertaining and thought-provoking ride. Tiffany Trainer’s portrayal of Florence is remarkable, capturing the essence of a young woman on the brink. ‘Florence in Customer Care’ is a bold, authentic piece that will resonate with many. Hats off to Stonebrook and Sommerlad for crafting another cinematic treasure that is as entertaining as it is profound.

Florence in Customer Care Short FIlm


Runtime: 14 min
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