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A comic book writer finds himself living among his own characters.


Ben and Henry Suchman’s ‘Fandemonium’ ventures into the realm of comic-book fantasy with ambitious fervor, albeit with mixed results. Directed by Ben Suchman, the film centers on Michael Silberglit as a comic book writer thrust into his own creation – a meta-narrative that promises excitement but struggles in its execution.

The premise is undeniably its strongest asset. The idea of a writer awakening in his own comic book universe holds immense promise, offering a blend of action, fantasy, and self-aware humor. Michael Silberglit embodies the bewildered writer effectively, navigating the chaos of his own creation with a mix of bemusement and determination. The characters are well-developed within the confines of the short runtime, each contributing to the unfolding narrative with distinct personalities and motivations.

However, where ‘Fandemonium’ falters significantly is in its technical execution. The cinematography, while serviceable, lacks the polish and dynamism needed to truly immerse the audience in this fantastical world. Scenes often feel static and underlit, detracting from the potential grandeur of the comic book-inspired settings. Sound design and editing also suffer from inconsistencies, occasionally pulling viewers out of the narrative rather than enhancing immersion.

‘Fandemonium’ represents a commendable effort by Ben and Henry Suchman to bring their imaginative concept to life on screen. Despite its technical shortcomings, the film showcases a solid foundation upon which future endeavors could build. With stronger attention to technical details and production values, this concept has the potential to evolve into a standout piece of genre filmmaking.

While it may not fully deliver on its initial promise, it remains a noteworthy entry in the realm of indie fantasy cinema, leaving viewers intrigued and hopeful for what the Suchmans may achieve with future projects.

Fandemonium Short Film


Runtime: 10 min
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