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Mayice – Chasing the Light

A delicate study of light’s transformative power.


From the creative duo of Grosso Modo; director Carlos Santana and cinematographer Manuel Ruiz,  comes a two-minute visual feast that immerses you in the artful dance of light and shadow. Marta Alonso and Imanol Calderón take us on an abstract journey, where sunlight and glass become the main characters, playing off each other in a silent, mesmerizing ballet.

This is not your typical short film. It’s an avant-garde piece that eschews dialogue for pure visual storytelling. The way light filters, reflects, and refracts through various objects is nothing short of hypnotic. Santana’s direction is subtle yet powerful, guiding us through a world where light shapes our very perception of reality.

Ruiz’s decision to shoot on film, rather than digital, pays off in spades. The grainy texture and rich contrasts add a tangible depth, making the interplay of light and shadow feel almost tactile. The cinematography is predominately static yet profoundly engaging, each frame a carefully composed work of art.

For those who revel in the intersection of design and architecture, this short film is a must-see. It’s shows how light can transform ordinary objects into extraordinary visual experiences. This experimental film isn’t for everyone, but for those who appreciate the cutting edge of artistic expression, it’s a fascinating watch.

Mayice Chasing the Light


Runtime: 2 min

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