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Dear, Future Me

An introspective journey into personal ambition and life’s uncertainties – with a sci-fi twist.


Bradley Nathaniel-Thomas’s one-man short film is a fascinating venture into the heart of a young man’s dreams and aspirations, and the sometimes harsh reality that follows. The film centres on Clive (Nathaniel-Thomas), a 22-year-old Welshman with a burning desire to become an acclaimed photographer.

The story opens with Clive recording a hopeful video message to his future self, only to be confronted by his 32-year-old counterpart, who delivers a sobering revelation. This moment is crafted with such emotional depth that it feels incredibly real and relatable. Just when you think you’ve got the film figured out, another version of 32-year-old Clive appears, offering a message of hope and determination. This future-self concept brilliantly adds layers to Clive’s character, making for a thought-provoking character study.

Nathaniel-Thomas’s writing is spot on. The dialogue is natural and engaging, drawing you into Clive’s world effortlessly. His portrayal of the three versions of Clive is nuanced and compelling, each bringing a unique perspective yet clearly connected by a common thread of aspiration and resilience.

Technically, the film makes the most of its resources. While it might not have the high-end polish of a big-budget production, it more than makes up for it with its heart and ingenuity. If the cinematography and sound were more advanced, this film would undoubtedly merit a higher rating, given its exceptionally strong narrative and acting delivery.

It’s poignant, funny in all the right places, and carries a message that will resonate with many. Bradley Nathaniel-Thomas is a name to watch, both for his acting chops and his storytelling skills. This short film is a credit to his talent and a delightful reminder that with passion and perseverance, dreams can indeed come true.

Dear Future Me Short FIlm


Runtime: 34 min
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