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A pulse-pounding crime thriller where survival hangs in the balance.


Directed by Alberto Lais, ‘Fugue’ is a visceral neo-noir thriller that catapults you into the heart of London’s criminal underworld. Co-written by Lais and Mathew Neubauer, the film follows Mia (Anya Williams), whose life is upended after a botched drug drop. Pursued by the relentless and sinister Kane (Sam Halpenny), Mia and her new confidante Naz (Georgina Russell) must navigate a labyrinth of danger and deceit.

From the start, ‘Fugue’ grips you with its intense atmosphere. Paul Bellon de Chassy’s cinematography is proficient. His expert use of cinematic lighting and framing creates an immersive experience, making the film’s world feel both captivating and unnerving.

The film’s real power comes from its performances and tightly woven script. Anya Williams is a revelation as Mia, delivering a performance that’s raw, vulnerable, and fiercely determined. Her portrayal makes you feel every ounce of Mia’s fear and resolve. Opposite her, Sam Halpenny’s Kane is a force of nature – his cold, calculating presence adds a layer of palpable menace to the film. He’s a villain you can’t take your eyes off.

‘Fugue’ excels in its production values too. The meticulous production design, pulsating score, and razor-sharp editing work in tandem to keep you on the edge of your seat. Each scene is crafted to heighten the tension, making for an experience that’s as thrilling as it is nerve-wracking. If you’re looking for a film that delivers a potent mix of adrenaline and artistry, ‘Fugue’ is an unmissable ride through London’s gritty criminal underworld.

Fugue Short Thriller Film


Runtime: 23 min

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