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The Mistake

A gripping drama where a man’s culpability and his psyche is pushed to the limit.


In Artii Smith’s latest short film, The Mistake’, we’re thrust into a nerve-wracking drama that explores the devastating aftermath of a young woman’s death. The plot hinges on Matthew (Brian Loud), whose desperate attempts to cover up his involvement spiral into a harrowing ordeal. Fueled by drug abuse, Matthew’s denial of the grim reality intensifies as he navigates a web of lies and tension, particularly when his step-brother Jason (Zach Feiner) arrives, further complicating the already volatile situation.

The real brilliance of ‘The Mistake’ lies in its character dynamics. Matthew’s strained relationship with Jason, layered with sibling rivalry, creates palpable tension that is only exacerbated when the victim’s brother enters the fray. This never-ending cycle of torment pushes Matthew to the edge, and Loud’s portrayal is nothing short of praiseworthy. His chilling, yet frantic demeanor elicits a surprising level of sympathy, drawing viewers into his increasingly chaotic world. As the plot progresses, this empathy transforms into a deep-seated regret, highlighting Loud’s exceptional ability to engage and captivate.

Smith’s screenplay is solid in characterisation and tension-building, all within the confines of a single house. For a low-budget short film, ‘The Mistake’ boasts impressive cinematography by Brian Morgan. His smooth visuals and high-quality imagery belie the film’s budgetary constraints, creating an appealing visual experience. Equally commendable are the sound and editing, which enhance the film’s gripping narrative.

The film’s real time intensity could benefit from a more measured pacing, allowing the plot to breathe and the audience to fully absorb each dramatic turn. This is the film’s sole flaw, a minor blemish on an otherwise stellar piece of storytelling. ‘The Mistake’ stands as a bold and impressive achievement in short filmmaking. A must watch.

The Mistake Short Film


Runtime: 15 min
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