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Tenderly explores the hidden layers of gay love, secrets, and the power of connection.


In the dimly lit cocoon of a car, ‘Hornbeam; unfurls its delicate petals, revealing a narrative that pulsates with raw emotion and hidden truths. Directed by Mark Pluck and ignited by the captivating performances of Daniel Lane and Christopher Sherwood, this British short film transcends its confined quarters to unveil a tale of desire, intimacy, and the labyrinthine complexities of the human condition.

At its nucleus, ‘Hornbeam’ pulsates with the clandestine meetings of two souls, initially drawn together by the magnetic pull of physical attraction. Yet, as the nights unfurl within the intimate confines of a car, a more profound connection blossoms in a world veiled in secrecy.

Lane and Sherwood weave a tale of authenticity, breathing life into characters whose struggles mirror the silent battles waged within us all. Their chemistry crackles with intensity, ensnaring viewers in a web of clandestine desires and societal constraints.

Pluck’s directorial skill, coupled with Lane’s masterfully crafted script, imbues ‘Hornbeam’ with moments of quiet introspection that speak volumes. Rob Wilton’s cinematography, a symphony of light and shadow, elevates the mundane setting to the world of cinematic poetry.

As ‘Hornbeam’ hurtles towards its climactic crescendo, it leaves viewers grappling with existential quandaries and the haunting allure of authenticity.

Hornbeam Gay Short Film


Runtime: 16 min
Genre: ,

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