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A captivating gay themed short, weaving a tale of desire within the intimate confines of a friendship.


In the cozy confines of Adrià Llauró’s gay short film ‘Alirón’, the pulse of football fandom syncs with the erratic rhythm of burgeoning desire. Here, in the tight quarters of a small apartment, the air thickens with unspoken tensions, crafted with subtlety and acted out with a finesse that leaves you speachless.

Eudald Font and Adrián Expósito deliver performances that crackle with authenticity, their chemistry a potent brew of longing and hesitation. Font’s Marc, a simmering cauldron of nerves and uncertainty, finds himself on the precipice of a revelation as Expósito’s Fran tiptoes across the delicate line between friendship and something deeper.

Director Llauró weaves together themes of intimacy and self-discovery against the backdrop of a Real Madrid match, each glance and gesture laden with meaning. The tension is palpable, hanging heavy in the air like the smoke from a halftime cigarette.

Christian Bernal’s cinematography paints the intimate space in hues of anticipation, every frame a canvas upon which desire dances with restraint. The writing, sharp and incisive, peels back layers of emotion with surgical precision, leaving the viewer both satisfied and hungry for more.

‘Alirón’ is a brief yet potent exploration of the complexities of friendship, desire, sexuality and the spaces in between. It leaves behind a lingering curiosity for what will happen next.

Don’t forget to watch the sequel, ‘Alirón 2 (el descanso)‘.

Alirón Gay Short Film


Runtime: 7 min
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