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August (Août)

A gay-themed coming-of-age tale delves into the troubled dynamic between two young men.


Louis Thines delivers a visually stunning but narratively frustrating gay short film that explores the complex dynamics between two young men navigating their identities. Set against the backdrop of a French summer, Thines’ film, written, directed by, and starring himself, Louis (Thines), immerses the audience in an atmosphere brimming with youthful exuberance and latent desires.

Louis is visiting his best friend from school, staying at her home while she hosts a house party that sets the stage for an unexpected encounter. Enter Jeremy (Jeremy Papallardo), whose initial chemistry with Louis is palpable. The two spend time together, sharing moments that suggest a deeper connection might be brewing. The cinematography captures these interactions with a delicate touch, utilizing soft lighting and intimate close-ups that draw the viewer into their world.

However, the narrative takes an abrupt turn when Jeremy leans in for a kiss, leaving Louis visibly unsettled. This pivotal moment, rather than serving as a springboard for character development or resolution, instead leaves the audience hanging. What does Louis truly want? Thines never answers this, opting for ambiguity over clarity.

The film’s technical prowess is undeniable. The setting, sound, and editing coalesce to create an almost perfect audiovisual experience. Yet, the beautifully crafted exterior only underscores the disappointment of the storyline. As viewers, we are led to believe in the possibility of a burgeoning romance, only to be left in a limbo of unanswered questions.

‘August’ has an aesthetic allure but falters in delivering a satisfying narrative arc. It’s a coming-of-age tale that promises much but delivers little, leaving the audience yearning for a resolution that never comes.

August (Août) Gay Short Film


Runtime: 15 min
Genre: ,

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