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A poetic, visually stunning meditation on love and trust, capturing intimate human connection.


Thanasis Tsimpinis’s gay short film is a poetic and evocative exploration of love distilled into a poignant three-minute narrative. Starring Orestis Karydas and Aleksis Fousekis, the film captures two male lovers in a laundrette, their silent vigil over a washing cycle transformed into a profound meditation on love and trust.

As one man fixates on an embroidered baby deer, he narrates a story of maternal devotion, a metaphor delicately unraveling the essence of their relationship. Tsimpinis masterfully intertwines this tale with the lovers’ journey, crafting a narrative that speaks to love’s universal and intimate nature.

Konstantinos Koukoulios’s black-and-white cinematography is a visual poem, each frame an artwork of light and shadow. The stark imagery complements the film’s emotional depth, accentuating the quiet, whispery performances of Karydas and Fousekis. Their chemistry is palpable, their subtle gestures and glances laden with meaning, speaking volumes in their reticence.

Renos Papastavros’s poignant score weaves through the film, enhancing its emotional resonance. The music, like the cinematography, is delicate yet powerful, a perfect partner to the unfolding narrative.

‘Fawns’ is a sensory experience, a tender portrayal of love’s vulnerability and strength. In its experimental artistry, it captures the essence of intimate human connection. Tsimpinis’s short film is a moving, metaphorical gem, a testament to the power of subtle storytelling. A short film that embraces love in its most authentic form.

Fawns Gay Short Film


Runtime: 3 min
Genre: ,

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