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Growing Pains

A visually distinctive animation – a haunting exploration of loss and grief.


Coco DelVecchio’s short animation is a haunting exploration of loss, grief, and the profound impact it leaves on a young woman. Through the life of protagonist Maureen, we are taken on a journey from her youthful innocence to the depths of her adult sorrow, all depicted with breathtaking 2D visuals that immerse the viewer in a world of melancholy and introspection.

From the opening scenes, where the loss of Maureen’s grandmother sets a tone of unease and confusion, to the heart-wrenching moments of bidding farewell to her childhood home, the film captures the lingering specter of loss that follows Maureen throughout her life. Each frame is thoughtfully crafted, with bluish tones and a haunting atmosphere that envelops the viewer in a sense of foreboding.

The limited dialogue and subtle audio cues enhance the ghostly quality of the film, allowing the visuals to speak volumes about the emptiness and longing that accompanies loss. DelVecchio’s attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the animation, from the delicate character animations to the evocative backgrounds that set the stage for Maureen’s journey.

As we are teased with glimpses of Maureen’s own demise, the film invites us to contemplate the inevitable nature of death and the profound impact it has on those left behind. Ultimately, DelVecchio’s animation is a poignant reminder of the universal experience of loss and the enduring power of memory to shape our lives.

Shot 7


Runtime: 5 min

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