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Station Zero

A late-night hookup spirals into a wild blend of horror and humor as a zombie enters the mix.


Ben Rood’s short horror film ‘Station Zero’ intertwines gore, suspense, and comedy, delivering a thrilling and entertaining experience. Written, directed by, and starring Rood himself, this film showcases his impressive range. He plays a charming fireman whose night takes a wild turn after a steamy encounter with a woman, portrayed by the alluring Sé Marie Volk. Their post-hookup vibe is shattered when a zombie-like man, played by Chaney Morrow, wreaks havoc at the fire station.

The film unfolds in real-time, maintaining a seductive tension and peppered with humor, including a few clever double entendres that add adult-themed laughs. The atmosphere is both tense and playful, making for a unique horror experience. Expect plenty of gore and the usual horror treats, all enhanced by Frank Steele’s superb cinematography, which delivers high-quality visuals throughout.

Deryk Wehrley’s make-up effects deserve special mention for their solid artistry, adding credibility to the film’s gory scenes. Rood’s performance is captivating, his comedic timing impeccable, while Volk convincingly portrays palpable fear, making the tension feel real and immediate. Morrow’s zombie chaos adds a chilling edge, ensuring the horror element hits home.

‘Station Zero’ is billed as a proof-of-concept short, hinting at the possibility of a larger, more spectacular project from Rood. It’s a short, sharp shock of a film – tense, suspenseful, yet light-hearted and thoroughly entertaining. Rood showcases his potential in the horror-comedy genre with bold confidence. Highly recommended.

Station Zero Short Comedy Horror Film


Runtime: 6 min
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