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Going Dark with Earnest Sweetgrass: Or A Comprehensive Guide on How to Die

A philosophical exploration of purpose and existence.


‘Going Dark with Earnest Sweetgrass…’,  a short drama by director David De La Barcena and writer/actor Hayden Daniel Cox, is a philosophical treat that blends drama with a subtle sci-fi edge. Cox, who not only wrote but also stars as Ernest, the introspective protagonist, delivers a performance that is as captivating as it is profound. His narrative voice-over of existential musings, drawes viewers into Ernest’s world of deep contemplation.

Against the backdrop of Barcena’s visually appealing cinematography, every frame feels carefully composed, enhancing the emotional depth and philosophical weight of Cox’s script. Caroline Beagles shines as Penelope, Ernest’s beach companion on his 21,000th birthday, adding a poignant layer to their shared moments of introspection.

What begins as a quirky exploration of Ernest’s solitary existence and his peculiar age evolves into a profound meditation on identity, human connection, and the timeless quest for meaning. Cox’s writing is bold, striking a delicate balance between whimsy and introspection. His character-study and philosophical narrative offers viewers a rich array of thought-provoking themes to ponder.

‘Going Dark…’ is an intriguing blend of originality and emotional depth, which will leave a profound impact on it’s audience. With high production value, praiseworthy acting delivery, and deep storytelling, Barcena’s short is a credit to the talent of it’s cast and crew. It’s one of those film’s that shouldn’t be overlooked. Highly recommended.

Going Dark with Earnest Sweetgrass Short Film


Runtime: 16 min
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