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Blind Lucky

A high-octane crime thriller with pulse-pounding visuals.


‘Blind Lucky’, directed by Thomy Heinelt and penned by Kapil Kachru, takes viewers deep into the criminal underbelly of Berlin. From the opening scene, Max (Bennedikt Blaskovic) steals an expensive car, only to discover Moritz (Markus Gertken) held captive in the trunk. The atmospheric tension is immediate and unrelenting, setting the stage for a crime thriller that grips you by the throat and doesn’t let go.

But Moritz is the least of Max’s worries. In comes Manfred (Sebastian Schulte), the psychopathic owner of the stolen car, who is hell-bent on revenge. Max and Moritz find themselves hanging upside down at the mercy of the ruthless antagonist. The razor-sharp editing and Stefan Weiss’s masterful cinematography rival Hollywood’s best, creating a visual spectacle that’s both gritty and cinematic.

The acting is rock-solid, with well-written and developed characters. Blaskovic and Gertken deliver performances that make you root for them despite their flaws. Schulte’s portrayal of Manfred is chillingly memorable. The story isn’t just about revenge; it’s about an unlikely bond forged under extraordinary circumstances. High praise to Tully Banta-Cain, who excels as the narrator, effectively conveying the story’s nuances.

Visual effects are spectacular, enhancing the story without overshadowing it. Heinelt’s direction is bold and edgy, perfectly positioning this short film as a proof of concept for a potential feature adaptation. The engaging soundtrack wraps up the film, adding to its intense atmosphere.

‘Blind Lucky’ is a short film that demands attention, showcasing Heinelt’s potential for future cinematic endeavors. A must-watch for crime thriller aficionados and anyone looking for a gripping, high-stakes ride.

Blind Lucky Short Film


Runtime: 11 min

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