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Just Past Noon on a Tuesday

A raw, poignant narrative where grief and desire collide.


In Travis Mathews’ gay short film, the aftermath of Marco’s untimely death sets the stage for an emotionally charged and erotically charged exploration of grief and healing. The film opens with Tiago (Gustavo Vinagre) entering Marco’s apartment, the air thick with sorrow and longing. As he grapples with Marco’s sudden departure, an unexpected visitor arrives – Marcelo (Ronaldo Serruya), unaware of both Marco’s death and his infidelity. What unfolds is a raw, poignant narrative where grief and desire collide.

Mathews’ writing is razor-sharp and unflinchingly provocative, stripping down the characters to their most vulnerable states. The intimate scenes, laden with graphic male full-frontal nudity, are not merely for shock value but serve as a conduit for the characters’ emotional release. In the hands of Matheus da Rocha Pereira, the cinematography is nothing short of spectacular, each frame meticulously composed, capturing the essence of raw human connection amidst the backdrop of grief.

Vinagre and Serruya deliver powerhouse performances, their chemistry palpable and electric. Their characters’ journey from strangers to lovers is a testament to the transformative power of shared loss. The film’s lighting enhances this intimacy, bathing scenes in a warm, almost ethereal glow, amplifying the emotional intensity.

Unapologetically sexual and beautifully intimate, this Portuguese-language film pushes boundaries while maintaining an undeniable tenderness. Mathews does not shy away from the complexities of human relationships, instead diving headfirst into the messiness of love, loss, and healing. A daring and evocative film, it challenges viewers to confront their own vulnerabilities and the ways we seek comfort in the face of heartbreak.

Just Past Noon on a Tuesday Gay Short Film


Runtime: 22 min
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