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In Half

Grief brings two men together in a poignant journey of love, loss, and self-discovery.


In Adam Tyree’s gay short film, grief serves as the unexpected catalyst that draws two men together. The film opens with a somber scene: James (Jake Brown) attending the funeral of his twin brother, setting a melancholic tone from the offset. It’s here that James encounters Travis (Adam Bucci), his brother’s ex-boyfriend. Their initial meeting is charged with tension, but as they navigate their shared sorrow, a deeper connection forms, rich with the complexities of loss and grief.

James’s emotional turmoil is palpable, and his burgeoning connection with Travis serves as a vehicle for his own self-discovery. In a raw moment of vulnerability, Travis helps James explore his hidden sexuality, leading to a powerful make-out scene that is as much about emotional release as it is about physical attraction. This pivotal moment is portrayed with commendable acting from both Brown and Bucci, whose performances bring a raw authenticity to their characters’ intricate emotions.

The narrative is solid and engaging, skillfully delving into themes of love, loss, and identity. However, the film falters in its conclusion, where the ending feels abrupt and leaves viewers craving more resolution. This lack of closure somewhat undermines the otherwise compelling story.

Technically, the film is impressive. The cinematography is of high quality, capturing intimate moments with finesse, though a few shaky shots disrupt the visual flow. The sound design is generally effective, despite occasional background noise glitches that momentarily pull viewers out of the experience.

Tyree’s film is a heartfelt exploration of grief, sexuality and connection, marred only by its unsatisfying conclusion. It’s a bold narrative that resonates deeply, leaving an indelible impression despite its imperfections.

In Half Gay Short Film


Runtime: 14 min
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