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Gay Short Films: Our Finest Selection

Explore some of the best gay short films available on Short Films Matter.
Opening Night Gay Short Film

Gay Short Films: Our Finest Selection

Explore some of the best gay short films available on Short Films Matter.
Opening Night Gay Short Film

If you’re on the lookout for some exceptional gay short films that resonate with the LGBTQ+ community, look no further than our dedicated Gay Short Films page on Short Films Matter.

Below, we’ve curated a short list of some of those films that promise to touch your heart and spark meaningful conversations.


The Exchange (El intercambio) (2023)

The Exchange El intercambio Gay Short Film

Directed by Marco Berger

Country: Argentina

Mateo and Lucas, best friends, go out to party in a hot summer night. Mateo meets Lucia, and Lucia commits an act that will change their lives. From there, Mateo and Lucas will begin a search, both physical and personal.


Also the Heart is a Muscle (2023)

Also the Heart is a Muscle Short Gay Film

Directed by Antonio Vasaturo

Country: Italy

Mysteriously seduced by the muscular bodies of bodybuilders, a boy begins to feel a dark attraction by watching his two naked friends that leads him towards the exploration of his physique and his sexuality.


This Is For You (2023)

This Is For You Short Film

Directed by Alon Borten

Country: United States

The looming conclusion of David and Robert’s relationship in Los Angeles comes to a head when they agree to spend one last romantic weekend together.


Opening Night (2023)

Opening Night Gay Short Film

Directed by Josh Coppenbarger

Country: United States

A high school teenager navigates the final minutes before his first stage performance, which includes experiencing his first kiss – unfortunately, in front of a live audience. Despite his rising anxiety, he finds comfort in a fellow classmate as they share a romantic moment.


Too Rough (2022)

Too Rough Gay Short Film

Directed by Sean Lìonadh

Country: United Kingdom

After a night of intoxication, a hungover and hysterical Nick wakes up next to his boyfriend Charlie and must conceal him from his own homophobic and dysfunctional family.


Connor & Jayden (2022)

Connor & Jayden Gay Short Film

Directed by Jerome Elston Scott

Country: United States

Star quarterback Connor  finds himself in unfamiliar territory as a broken leg puts him out for the season. Adjusting to life off the football field, Connor surprisingly starts falling for school outcast Jayden.


Read Between the Lines (2021)

Read Between the Lines Short Film e1668625216294

Directed by Adante Watts

Country: United States

A socially-anxious college student makes multiple attempts to ask out the bookstore clerk that he has a crush on.


Into Temptation (2021)

Into Temptation Gay Short Film

Directed by Quinn da Matta

Country: United States

Twenty years after being abused by his priest, a fateful reunion reverses roles and reveals love can be just as twisted and destructive as abuse.


Love You Tyler (2019)

Love You Tyler Short Film e1655737126219

Directed by Ari Itkin & Devon Diffenderfer

Country: United States

When Luke starts to talk about his new girlfriend, Tyler, who happens to have the same name and career as his roommate, things get a little awkward.


St. Augustine (2019)

St. Augustine Short Film

Directed by Thomas Wilson-White

Country: Australia

A couple’s seaside trip takes a turn as the salty air finds its way into the cracks of their relationship. A film about trauma, shame, and letting love in.


Bodies of Water (2018)

Bodies of Water

Directed by David Lykes Keenan

Country: United States

It’s 1982, Marsh is 24 years old, and he struggles with a tormenting secret. One night, he crosses paths with Rivers, a stranger so striking that Marsh is instantly smitten. Marsh pursues Rivers until an opportunity presents itself for him to take the boldest risk of his life.


The Guy From Work (2015)

The Guy From Work Short Gay Film

Directed by Jean-François Leblanc

Country: Canada

Raynald is a family man who has been working in the same tire plant for over 30 years. This week, nothing unusual in his daily life: work, hockey games with the “guys”, family night. However, this week, Raynald will make the biggest move of his life.


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